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Photographer Norwich.

Photographer Norwich imaging for websites, social media and Print.

By using a social media Norwich Photographer Videographer Services, you can engage, inform and reach your audience more effectively than some standard content strategies.

Posting for the sake of posting is off-putting to the vast majority using social media. Think of those pizza and kebab leaflets you get posted in your letterbox, with all that annoying junk mail it’s the same old same old. While flyers have their place,  the likes of Facebook and Instagram to name but a few can reach out to your potential customers by location and demography. These would be your images, so if you wished to use them in print or social media, your business could utilise all media to suit your needs.


Creating social media content.

This is what Still focused Media provides plain and simple. No smoke and mirrors social media guru talking about themselves, simply still focused on you because it’s all about you.

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About Stillfocused Media

Photographer Norwich

About Stillfocused Media.

About Stillfocused Media – Jerry Daws has been a Professional photographer since 1996.  He Worked for a leading UK based Picture Agency providing content for national newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Independant, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, FT, The Mail on Sunday and their respective daily editions including most tabloid newpapers.

Jerry is also a contributor to Rex Features, London.

Images Published World Wide.

A selection of images has also been published worldwide.  In 2008/ 2009 Jerry also worked with East Med Media in Turkey covering the Eastern Mediterranean area.  Jerry is also a contributor for Rex Features, London.

Working Locally.

In a more local setting, Jerry worked for the E.D.P (Archant)  from 2010 into 2011.

In 2011 he started Stillfocused Photography providing portrait and commercial photography locally. Also providing images on a freelance basis to the E.D.P and Norwich Evening News.

Using his experience providing content for a vast array of publications Jerry moved quickly towards delivering social media content and management services for small businesses in the Norwich area.

Jerry offers a no-nonsense approach to social media with content to suit your audience. No copy and pasting or using generic images, each image or video is identified with you and your business. This non-generic, no copy paste approach gives your followers a connection to you and a story that your audience and potential clients will want to engage. For more information please feel free to contact me here.

Norwich photographer Jerry Daws for your personal and commercial image requirements for website, Social Media and print.

Norwich Photographer Gallery

                            Norwich Photographer Gallery.

Norwich Photographer Gallery, a selection of images by Jerry Daws Professional Photographer based in Norwich.
Jerry has

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Photographer Norwich Social Media Services.

Photographer Norwich Social Media Services. Branded imaging for social media campaigns  using photographer Norwich Social Media Services with quality photographic services by Stillfocused Media Photographer Jerry Daws. Stillfocused Media photography showing the world the way you want to be seen. Professional Photography in Norwich. Also available advice for your social media advertising to make the …


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